What About Me?

Vince in Lavender Field

I’m a photographer based out of Eugene, OR. In my photography I like to focus on dramatic landscapes, hi quality portraits, real estate listings, and photographing other people’s beautiful art. For more info about my photographic services be sure to visit my Emerald Studio Photo blog.

I actually began my artistic life creating these beautiful Digital Mandala images. They are created from photographs that I take. Mandala literally means “circle” and is an ancient Sanskrit term. Having been used to some extent within every human philosophy and religion since time began, Mandalas share a rich tradition of exhibiting beauty, transforming individuals, uses in meditation and reflection exercises, and healing. Traditionally Mandalas are drawn and created in sculpture, whereas, the Mandalas on this page earn the Digital Mandala title by being 100% digitally created images.

It is my desire to share these images with you through this page. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



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